Soprano Bella's Singers In Disguise

With Katrina Murphy Entertainment we will take that one step further! We will combine any of our acts music content ( ie- Singing Waitresses in the musical style of The G.I.Jane's or Singing Waiter's in the musical style of The Sinatra Guy's ) and we can be in disguise as Waiter's, Chef's , Party Guest's etc


We can also be in disguise as ANYTHING you choose! The local family Vicker, The long lost Aunt who is a Nun, The Security Man on the door of your event, a planted guest who is a Doctor who resuscitates another planted guest who Faints and is revived for them both to burst into an amazing Duet!

The choice goes on and on and the choice is yours! If we can get the costume or uniform - we will play that character for you at you special event.