The GI Janes

This all singing , all swinging Andrews Sisters trio- tribute style act is performed by 3 fantastically voiced leading West End and Broadway performers.

With slick choreography and harmonies created exclusively by Katrina Murphy , this act is sure to uplift you and take you in a Puppini Sisters style , back to the swing of the 1940's.


Songs include:







As with all of Katrina's artists-the girls are great solo performers and we can create a programme interlaced with solo numbers such as








The G.I Jane's can also combine ' The Last night of the Prom's' style show into the programme, should the client desire, which can include:





To add variety to the show, you can add a handsome ' G.I.Joe ' to it- who will sing duets with the girls in a ' Frank Sinatra ' , ' Bing Crosby ' or ' Dean Martin ' fashion, creating a similar style show to Michael Buble's performance with The Puppini Sister's.