• Hello there, I was at a wedding in Castlebar, Ireland at the weekend and was blown away with your act. (a Chef,Waiter and Maite D).Superb! my compliments to you all.
    Mrs Caroline Walsh
  • Good afternoon Shaun I would like to thank Soprano Bella for a fantastic performance last night. I have had numerous emails from our members this morning enthusing about their performance; it is the only time in the thirteen years of our Annual Dinner that there has been a standing ovation.You certainly supplied the "WOW" factor on the night. Thanks again
    Meryl Pull East Anglian Business Federation
  • Dear Shaun, I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you all for a fantastic performance by the Surprise Sopranos on Saturday evening. Everyone at the party thoroughly enjoyed them. Of course, it was all the more entertaining because they were a complete surprise. The table with the planted 'guest', in particular, were completely fooled by the set up. They couldn't believe it when their fellow guest got up and started singing too. The singing was just beautiful. The finale nearly brought tears to several eyes! I can't recommend the Surprise Sopranos highly enough. They were outstanding. Many thanks
    Alayne 50th Birthday Celebrations - 24th June 2011
  • Hi, I just wanted to follow up the call with an email. Everyone was blown away with the act, they rocked!! It was a fabulous sight and a great way to break up the meal, honestly I couldn't have ask for anything better for my client, they were thrilled. I really hope to get the chance to work with you again. Please pass my massive thanks to the artists, Johnny's snake hips shall stay in my memory for a long time :o)
    - Susie x
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  • Carlsberg doesn't do weddings but if they did.......
    Groom The Westin Dubai
  • "I have Photographed over 2000 Weddings and this is the best entertainment that I have Seen"
    John Mason Photography
  • All I have heard since is the best wedding ever
    Wedding 5th February 2015 Cotswolds
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